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Effective July 2020

Welcome to the TechConnect website.


TechConnect is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization committed to providing free computer science education to today's youth to help them become more successful in a digital world. In addition, by providing these students with the tools they need to learn effectively, TechConnect ensures they continue to develop their potential and are not left behind as the world continues to innovate.

These Terms of Use outline the guidelines upon which we agree to deliver the educational content, Forums and other free services available on our website.


TechConnect is under no obligation to continue to provide access to the website and may discontinue the availability of the website at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all.

TechConnect's EIN is 85-1642920.


Eligible Users of this Site

Any person is welcome to use the TechConnect website. If you are under 18 years old, you are only permitted to use the website if your use has been approved by your parent or legal guardian, your use is under their supervision, and they have agreed to these Terms and Conditions and reviewed the Privacy Policy on your behalf. If you are under the age of 13, you are strictly prohibited from establishing a user account on our website.

Educational Content

A user account login is required to access the educational content provided on the website. We only collect an e-mail address and a username. Users are able to establish their own password. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the educational content provided herein, content is provided strictly on an "as-is" basis and you agree to hold TechConnect harmless for any errors contained herein.

TechConnect provides a range of free computer science educational content on the website. TechConnect does not make any representation or warranty that the educational content:

  • is free of errors;

  • represents a complete overview of any set curriculum;

  • guarantees the user to attain employment; or

  • guarantees the user to gain admittance to an educational institution.


The Forum is an online discussion area where registered members of the website are able to ask questions and share information and ideas. Information you post must remain appropriate at all times. TechConnect may monitor the Forum and reserves the right to delete any inappropriate material at any time and further may choose to ban any user and remove their user account from the platform.

You are solely responsible for for any interactions you may have with any other user in the Forum and TechConnect will have no liability or responsibility whatsoever with respect thereto.

TechConnect bears no responsibility for accuracy, appropriateness, or quality of information posted to the Forums.

Content posted to the Forums in no way reflects the views of TechConnect.

By posting content to the Forum, you grant TechConnect a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to store, host, display, reproduce and otherwise distribute such content.

Indemnity and Release

You agree to release, indemnify and hold TechConnect harmless from any and all losses, damages, expenses, including attorney's fees, rights, claims, actions of any kind, injury or death arising out of or relating to your use of our website. Your use of our website is at your sole risk. 

TechConnect makes no promise that the website will meet any requirements you may have, will be provided on an uninterrupted basis, or will fulfill any educational objectives you may have.



If you choose to make a donation to TechConnect, we make no additional promises to you regarding the availability of our website or the educational content herein.

International Visitors


TechConnect is based and managed within the United States. If you choose to access our website from outside of the United States, you acknowledge and agree that any information you provide will be collected, transmitted, used, stored and processed in the United States. You also agree to comply with any and all local laws in your jurisdiction to the extent that they apply to the use and delivery of our website to you. The right to access our website in any jurisdiction, if any, where it may be prohibited by or is in violation of local laws or regulations is strictly prohibited.

Updates to Terms of Service

We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time, so please review them frequently. We will designate clearly at the top of the Terms of Service the date they were most recently changed.


Legal Disclaimer


All content including the educational information provided on the TechConnect website is provided without charge and purely on an “as-is” basis. No representation or warranty is made to the accuracy of the educational content provided herein. TechConnect also does not represent that the educational material provided herein delivers a full and complete overview of any programming language or provides a required level of training to gain access to any type of employment or admission to any educational institution.


TechConnect makes every effort to ensure that content provided is free of errors and “bugs”, however any operation, compiling or execution of code provided by TechConnect is purely at your own risk.

Contact Us

Questions or comments regarding these Terms of Service should be submitted to TechConnect at

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