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About Us 



Our founders launched TechConnect in the spring of 2020, after teaching coding in person as volunteers prior to Covid-19. By establishing TechConnect, the team looked to create a broadly accessible remote computer science education program while working to provide critical devices for virtual learning during the pandemic. 


Our goal is to help create a more equitable and accessible world by working to resolve the digital disconnect. Computer science is rapidly becoming the most powerful language in the world and is a critical part of the baseline skillset for most careers. We believe the pathway to a better future must include empowering underserved youth with the education they need to succeed in a technology-driven society.

Vision and Values


TechConnect is committed to providing free computer science education to today's youth to help them become more successful in today's digital world. By providing students with online classes and live support, as well as the technology equipment they need to learn effectively, TechConnect helps ensure that all students can keep pace with innovation and develop their potential in a remote environment.


The Digital Disconnect


of teachers surveyed believe computer science is critical to future student success


of those teachers said their students were taught any computer science


Source: YouGov


of districts with less than 25% of students in low-income households reported a lack of technology access was a major challenge to teaching during COVID-19




of districts with more than 75% of students in low-income households reported a lack of technology access was a major challenge to teaching during COVID-19

Source: EdWeek Research Center

While there were 500,000 unfilled jobs in the computer science field in 2015, only 60,000 students graduated with computer science degrees.

Source: GovTech

Projected unfilled jobs in computer science are expected to reach 1 million over the next decade



of students who took

the 2018 AP Computer Science A exam were underrepresented minorities

Source: CollegeBoard



How We Connect It

Through outreach activities, we work to engage students who lack access to computer science education at school.

We offer free online asynchronous classes with a moderated forum for questions and answers. In addition, instructors check-in with students and review challenging material or problem sets through live discussion sessions.

By interacting with students as they learn, we help them develop their technology skills and keep them engaged as they progress.

Through our grant program, we are able to equip those without a device at home with the hardware they need to learn in a remote environment.

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